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Central Falls, RI Police Threaten Arrest Over Unpleasant Remarks

Submitted by Mike Vincent to CopBlock.org

I was just pulled over in my fathers driveway by Central Falls, Rhode Island Police tonight as soon as I got out of work. When the cruiser pulled into the backyard, I was already out of my truck and was walking in the back door. The officer then demanded I get back into my locked truck. A female officer also came over to the truck to give me unnecessary attitude because I left the drivers door open.

I immediately called my father to come outside (to serve as a witness) because I had no idea what they might try, and I also started filming with my cellphone. My elderly father approached the cruiser to ask what was going on, and the officer yelled at my father to back away from the car and stand in the corner (of his own property).

After giving me an $85 dollar ticket for an expired inspection sticker, I asked why I wasn’t receiving a 5-day tag, as I’ve seen happen many times in the past. He replied, “It is my discretion whether to ticket you or tag you. After he was back in his cruiser and my father and I were walking back in, I waved goodbye and said “Gotta make that quota right?”

The officer immediately got out of his car and was in my face attempting to intimidate me. He said condescendingly, “what did you just say?” I again replied, “Gotta make that quota right?” After this little intimidation session and yelling about how you can’t drive without a good sticker, he headed back to his cruiser. I again attempted to speak to him and said, “You know officer…” but before I got out anything more, he turned around and yelled, “If you say one more thing your going to jail!” I asked what I would be going to jail for. He commanded me to go into the house, and insisted there was no such thing as a quota. Since I didn’t want to escalate things with my elderly father now involved, I said OK to the officer and we both walked into his house.

I am not one of those people just mad at the cops because I got a ticket, but I’m very upset with how the situation was handled. I’m a college grad and an electronics engineer. I go to work every single day. I’m clean-cut and dress professionally.

Is this officer really warranted by the state of RI to threaten arrest for no legal crime what so ever? Do the people of Rhode Island want their tax dollars going towards this type of Policing? I know I don’t.

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