The arrests of officers in the George Floyd murder is part of pacification campaign

What we have been seeing the last couple days is the beginning of a pacification campaign. Police violence is growing an uncontrollable and leaderless movement and now that the rabbit has the gun, the state is working on overdrive to pacify a popular rebellion before it creates space for substantial change.  This campaign is layered and we must pay attention as:

  1. Officers and government offer concessions and reforms.

  2. False leaders and groups are propped up that encourage people to accept concessions and either tell people to go home, or lead them into mass arrests.

  3. Divide and conquer tactics are implemented in the streets and in the media by pitting the people who are willing to follow false leaders or accept fake concessions against people who know that police will never change, and ultimately need to be abolished and replaced.

  4. A massive database is created of the people who have spoken out, have been arrested, and digital surveillance is used to identity anyone else who was in the streets and was not arrested.

  5. A select group of black peeps and others deemed as “anarchists” are indicted to scare others from standing up again.

  6. Biden is propped up.

  7. And when the dust settles, to regain control, police are eventually allowed to go back into black and brown communities to commit acts of terror that are worse than before.

This campaign is being coordinated by the state, the media, and while many of the groups that will surface in the coming days are pawns for the democrats, some are actively working with the state to silence the collective rage that is bringing racist power structures to their knees.

Since their inception, police have been conducting state sponsored terror against certain populations in America. Since when do we negotiate with terrorists? Anything the people have ever achieved has been fought for and not given.

Our suggestions is to continue to fight. To follow your heart, not groups and leaders. And listen to the people who have been most impacted by these racist institutions who know things will never change through reform.

It’s time to begin considering the real notion that we need to abolish the police and prisons.

Be safe out there.

A statement from WeCopwatch on current Anti Police protests and rebellions in the United States

The videotaped killing of George Floyd and the cries “I can’t breath” have shown us once again the power and limitation of Copwatching as a deterrent to police violence.

As protests and rebellions spread across the nation people need to consider the dangers of how they use their phones in the moment and the impact it can have later. 

1. Live streaming is a great way to feed intelligence realtime to the police. These images capture the identities of and location of people who may be simply exercising their rights, but can be used aid officers in strategizing targeted or mass arrests. These videos can also be used as evidence later against people.

2. Our phones are also tracking us. They have always been tracking us. But with a national emergency declared due to Covid-19 the gloves are already off and surveillance state is in full effect. Phones are being used to track movements realtime, and can be used to connect people to incidents and areas regardless of what they were or weren’t doing. They also will show that people were out in public in violation of curfews. 

Because streams and phones in general are and will be used against the public we must consider the value and danger of cellphones during these protests which is why we encourage people to only Film the Police or leave them home all together. 

If you are out to Film the Police consider filming:

  1. The time, date, location of police action.
  2. The identity of the officers present, their name and badge numbers if visible and the departments they are employed by.
  3. The officers dawning lethal and less-lethal weapons.
  4. The officer that are in charge.
  5. Anything and everything the police are doing whether it is their movements, orders, actions, or acts of violence.
  6. If you have police abuse consider how you release it. Your videos can be used to get people’s charges dropped and can be used as evidence. But your evidence loses power when you broadcast it live and allow the police to write their use of force reports around your video.
  7. Get your video to victims. If you film abuse, be sure to try to get the video to the person abused, or the National Lawyers Guild if there is one in your area.


  1. Don’t film people.
  2. Don’t broadcast locations and movements as the police will use your videos realtime to quell public gatherings.
  3. Don’t follow self proclaimed leaders of groups with bullhorns. The power of this movement is all of you being guided by your hearts, and working together to make the world a better place.
  4. Don’t settle for compromises and reforms offered by the police or organizations.

We must move beyond demands for police reform and consider the real notion of abolishing both the police and the prison industrial complex.

Police are the descendants of strike breakers and slave patrols and we need to create institutions of justice that don’t involve threats, violence, and cages.  Envision the world you want to live in, and act now to create it. And always Film the Police.

Be safe out there. WeCopwatch

We Need You to Read this Letter from Ramsey Orta!

This is a letter from Ramsey Orta. It outlines everything he has been experiencing these past few months and it implicates the entire command structure at Midstate Correctional Facility from the bottom all the way to the top. We want you to email this letter to everyone!

” When it comes to acquiring solutions to a conflict or meeting needs, western society historically finds resolve in violence, placing band-aids on results, instead of dealing with the root cause of harm…”  – Pilar Maschi,  No New Jails

” Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare …” – Audre Lorde

In accordance with the Declaration of Independence, I hold this truth to be self-evident: All men and women are created equal. Yet, regardless of how clear this fact may be, there still seems to be an issue with interpretation – especially within the United States prison industrial complex. 

The equal protection clause expressed in the eighth amendment guarantees me freedom from cruel and unusual punishment at the hands of prison officials. I am also guaranteed my right to adequate medical care, psychiatric care and the state has a duty to provide a safe and humane place of confinement for its prisoners. New York State’s Department Of Corrections and Community Supervision has an issue with the interpretation of these rights and duties … And because of this blatant disregard towards the rights of the prisoners under their so called care, custody, and supervision; I have endured the worst kinds of racism, discrimination and illegal deprivation without due process, as well as a plethora of other malicious, a-typical hardships here. 

At Mid-State C. F. ‘s Special Housing Unit Building F #125. The following is an incident account detailing the chain of events that have become the definition of being a prisoner in a lawless environment. Before I go into it, please keep this in mind: 

Again, the State of New York has a legal duty — according to New York corrections law 70 ( 2 ) ( c ) —  to “Provide a safe and humane place of confinement for its prisoners…”  If the state fails to adhere to these duties, we as incarcerated individuals have a right to bring forth a grievance to address whatever the issue may be. The state then has a duty to properly investigate the matter and to give — when deemed appropriate and lawful — a remedy to said matters. 

However, under my current circumstances, I have been the victim of horrendous human rights violations due to my constant complaints in regards to staff misconduct and negligence. My attempts to utilize the inmate grievance program here at Mid-State Correctional Facility have been ignored due to the facility / institutional bias that exists here. Mr. C. Tapia — the Inmate Grievance Program Supervisor — refuses to file a report charging staff members with misconduct or corruption. Instead, these complaints are met with threats to my life and safety, encouraged by administrative personnel — starting from the superintendent, William Fennessy, on down.

Superintendent Fennessy : Endorsed and encouraged a non-stop campaign of harassment, threats, and all other forms of deliberate indifference, with sanctioned impunity. He lied to my attorney, saying I was being afforded cleaning supplies while on property deprivation (3-13-20 to 3-21-20).

Deputy Superintendent of Security Burns: Also endorsed the above amongst his security staff. He also lied to my attorney in regards to conditions and procedure. He accuses me of being the reason the prisoners are complaining and I should watch myself. 

Lt. Klein: Threatened me after my loved ones called and made a report about staff misconduct. He told me to call back my loved ones and tell them to stop calling or I will make my stay here more harder than it already is. He also accuses me of being the reason the prisoners are complaining about them being denied basic human rights. 

Sgt. Mayo: Warrantless and illegal deprivation orders because of these complaints. He asked me, “Why aren’t you scared of me?” and later said “this is what happens when you drop snitch slips on officers. Next time I won’t take your level, your life might be better.” ( The level he mentioned was a level reduction form. )  

Sgt. Roth: She wrote a fabricated misbehavior report ( that was later dismissed at a disciplinary hearing due to video footage ) on behalf of Supt. Fennessy . 

Sgt. Howard:  On 4/14/ 20, he asked inmate l. Williams( DIN: 17A4483), ” They didn’t kill you yet?!” This was in reference to an incident this Sgt. was a part of with this prisoner being the victim of a vicious gang-style assault by DOCCS employees. On 4-21-20, he came to my cell ( AI-9 ) and asked me and my cellmate D. Presley (DIN: 14B1539 ) “Are you hungry? Because if you are, you could eat my cxxx.” He then smiled and said “You’re going to learn soon,” as he walked away. 

C.O. Whitman: She wrote a fabricated misbehavior report on 3/4/20 on my cellmate, Daniel Presley (DIN: 14B1539), which was also dismissed at hearing. 

C.O. Crego: On 4-1-20, he told me that “he had contracted COVID-19 and that he hopes he gives it to me and the inmate population.”  Days later, there were confirmed cases of COVID-19 in this facility.  

C.O. Place: She refused to handout, extra hygiene products to the whole A1 gallery ( Cells 1 – 13) and said, “We better not say anything or we will end up like inmate l. Williams (DIN: 17A4483) did” because of her. She also stated “Niggers don’t wash up anyways.”

C.O. Bork: He threatened my life, as well as my cellmate D. Presley (DIN: 14B1539) During a lawns and grounds detail he said, ” Let’s hope y’all make it home alive, assholes !”

C.O. Brotel: Denied me a grievance form, which he described as a “snitch slip” and threatened to break my hands, so I couldn’t write anymore slips. 

Sgt. Price:  He refused to call medical to report an anxiety attack my cellmate D. Presley (DIN: 14B1539) was having. Instead, he fabricated a report to have my cellmate sent to a mental health observation cell in retaliation to him asking why he was being illegally deprived of his state mandated phone privileges. This deliberate indifference caused him severe mental anguish, distress, pain, and suffering. He also lied and said he saw my cellmate bang his head against the wall. This led Nurse Johnson to falsify a medical screening to further the agenda of the security staff. Note: No injuries of such were ever reported or logged. 

This is just a glimpse at the extent the officers and state employees will go to enforce their agenda and interest. As prisoners within this tainted system, we are expected to “Bite the Bullet”, “Hold it down”, and “Wear it” when it comes to the hardships we endure at the hands of state DOCC’S employees. Blacks Law Dictionary defines negligence as the “failure to exercise the standard of care that a reasonably prudent person would have exercised in a similar situation.” A “Reasonably Prudent” individual would have the intellectual capacity to know that this negligent behavior is not reasonably related to legitimate penological or state interest! The repetitive nature of these acts of official misconduct shows a pattern, and this pattern of misconduct must now be viewed as deliberate indifference towards the human rights of the prisoner populace. 

These DOCCS employees working under the color of law with a badge of authority from the State of New York, knowingly and maliciously engage in criminal activity with state sanctioned impunity from acting Commissioner of DOCCS, Anthony Annucci. And because there are no safeguard procedures in place to prevent this behavior, their lack of diversity training allows racism to run rampant. Discrimination, and racially motivated preconceived notions are, everyday occurrences. 

These correctional facilities have become corruption factories, creating an underreported phenomenon known as institutional bullying because there are no consequences for anything these DOCCS employees say or do. Because of this inter-departmental bias against the prisoner population, these staff members have free range of motion to do as they please. This includes instigation (spreading propaganda about prisoners to other prisoners for the sole purpose of marking them for possible harm … especially if you don’t get along with staff ), fabricated reports, illegal deprivations, death threats, assaults by staff, staff antagonism, etc… 

The media and outside world are fed false accounts by DOCCS personnel in agreement with this agenda, painting the prisoner population as subhuman and animalistic.  Yet they fail to report the numerous gang style assaults of inmates by staff, the numerous accounts of deaths by staff, the numerous accounts of the planting of weapons, the false reports of assault on staff , amongst the thousands of under or un-reported human rights violations by DOCCS. 

Now this is not an attempt to paint all incarcerated individuals as angelic victims. But my sentence, or the sentence of the 2.2 million prisoners throughout the U.S., did not include being victims to criminal activity at the hands of those employed and entrusted with the duty to uphold the same laws they’re breaking, while illegally using my criminal conviction as justification for their blatant disregard for the law. 

It’s been said that if you want to see how a country truly views their people, look at the conditions and circumstances within their prison. As a prisoner, I have endured the worst kind of treatment and it’s only getting worse. Who will guard the guards? Because the admin personnel down to the newest recruit all adhere to the same doctrines. This has created a very dangerous environment, especially in a facility like Mid-State C. F. Where there’s a history here of inmates dying from being viciously assaulted by security staff. 

So again, who will guard the guards? It is our duty as freedom demanding citizens of the U.S. to demand that the local, state and governments acknowledge and enforce the facts described in the Declaration of Independence – All men and women are created equal, and we should be protected from all attempts to to deprive anyone of that inalienable right. 

I’m asking for Help. Not just for me, but for all who may not have a voice or may have been a victim due to their voice. 

I’m asking for us to consolidate our voices and energies and make noise where the establishment may want quiet. In the midst of a crisis, state employed, tax-payer funded peace officers are looking for ways to get away with criminal activity at the expense of the prisoner populace. I’m asking you to call your local and state representatives and to report what’s going on inside their prisons. Call and email, and post, and share, and repeat! 

This has to be addressed, and a voice must be given and heard on behalf of the voiceless. I will continue voicing my own disdain for the current state of affairs within NYSDOCC until business as usual becomes business discontinued. Stand up, speak up and reach out, this is a non-stop struggle! Black lives matter, brown lives matter, minority lives matter, oppressed lives matter, white lives matter, and most important, caged lives matter! Each one. Teach one. That’s how we reach one. Help stop institutional bullying, corruption and official misconduct.

Enough is enough – enough means now! Freedom becomes more than just a theoretical concept in this country , the struggle continues… Pamoha Tuta Shinda Uhuru Sasa! (Together we will win freedom now!)

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”  – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“A wall is a wall and nothing else at all. It can be broken down!”  – Assata Shakur

Respectfully….the Black Fist Warrior,

Ramsey Orta

Spread this Far and Wide!

We want you to email Albany, The Commissioner, Governor Cuomo, but we really want you to contact every media outlet, every grassroots organization, every email chain you have. We want this letter spread far and wide because it details what Ramsey, inmates at Midstate Correctional Facility, and across the prisoners across the nation are dealing with.

Instructions on Emails.

  • When you email, speak from your heart. You can mention any officer, any incident, or the underlining treatment articulated in this letter.
  • Explain that you are lodging a complaint on behalf of Ramsey Orta 16A4200.
  • Be sure to mention that the attached letter has also been sent to Lawyers, Media, and Organizations across the country

Some Places to Email

Governor Cuomo
(518) 474-8390

Office of Special Investigations (OSI) – DOCCS
Email: OSIComplaint [at]
Phone: (844) 674-4697

Anthony J. Annucci: Acting Commissioner for New York State Prisons
Email: Commissioner [at]
Phone: (518) 457-8134

Acting Executive Deputy Commissioner – Daniel F. Martuscello, lll
Email: Daniel.Martuscello [at]
Phone: (518) 457-8126

Contact Info

If you want to support please reach out to us. and

We appreciate all of you who have helped support Ramsey throughout his incarceration. Jacob Crawford and Deja Richardson. If you want to Ramsey directly you can


Ramsey Orta 16A4200 P. O. Box 2500, Marcy, NY 13403-0216 (be sure to put name and address on return address area or it will be thrown away)


Welcome Home Fund

“Suck my dick you Nigger Bitch. You will not make it home”: Correctional Officers continue to threaten Ramsey Orta with death

Ramsey Orta is out of the infirmary and we are awaiting to hear whether he has contracted Covid-19. We do know this much though. These officers are continuing to threaten Ramey’s life.

Most recent threat comes interlaced in racial vulgarity. We apologize in advance. “You aren’t going to make it home cause you want to snitch on us? Suck my cock you nigger bitch. Go have that put on your page.” 

Don’t worry officers, we hear you, and we’re going to make you famous. We know your are reading this. We’ve got your line, and if anything happens to Ramsey, we’re coming for your pockets, your job, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t end up behind bars. We know who you are. Your names have already been put in investigations from Midstate to Albany. The digital records of your actions will never be erased. The dust will settle, and if you haven’t died from Covid-19, best believe we are going bury you in lawsuits. This is a promise. We’ve won 10 million for our victims in lawsuits.

But it’s time for more Jail House Rock! When you call and email, inform the entities that these are fresh threats, and warrant separate investigations.

Be sure to email as well so there is a digital record!

Midstate Correctional Facility: 315-768-8581 You can ask for Lt. Supremant, or any watch commander, or any onsite internal affairs entity.

Office of Special Investigations (OSI) – DOCCS
844 674 4697

Anthony J. Annucci: Acting Commissioner for New York State Prisons
Phone: (518) 457-8134

Acting Executive Deputy Commissioner – Daniel F. Martuscello, lll
Phone: (518) 457-8126

William D. Fennessy / Superintendent
Phone: 315 768 8581 ext 2000

William Burns / Deputy Superintendent for Security
Phone: 315-768-8581 ext 5000

1. Demand that Ramsey Orta and countless other eligible inmates be released.
2. Demand that Ramsey and other inmates are provided showers, soap, and other sanitation now!

Let these authorities know that you and thousands of people are aware of these threats and there will be accountability for everyone involved should Ramsey be exposed.

Also contact Governor Cuomo and demand Ramsey Orta’s and other eligible be released.

Governor Andrew Cuomo


What happens next?

As you know, we have been raising the alarms on the escalated abuse Ramsey Orta has been facing throughout his incarceration in the New York State Prison System.

10 different facilities, 7 times in the hole, and over a year in solitary confinement shows that these have not been isolated incidents but rather a systematic pattern that transcends a particular facility or group of correctional officers.

While we have come to expect, anticipate, and prepare for this type of coordinated abuse, the recent incidents have accelerated and intensified with each passing day.

Two weeks ago I ( Jacob Crawford of WeCopwatch ) stated that I believed officers at Midstate Correctional Facility were trying to kill Ramsey Orta before his release date in July. With the deprivation of adequate food, soap, showers, transitioning to actual death threats, Midstate is making a very compelling case that my assumptions were true.

Ramsey fell ill a few days ago and he was transferred to the infirmary.

We do not know whether he is sick, if correctional officers have made good on their threats to give him Covid-19, or if they are messing with his food. All we know is that he had a really high temperature, and that he was transferred to medical.

Since the first report of a prison employee having Covid-19 at Midstate, there have been three more cases reported. We know at this point that there are many more. We are distraught and we don’t know what to do.

As we wait for any information about or from Ramsey, we have to prepare for two different scenarios and neither are good.

1. One scenario is that guards did give Ramsey the virus and we need to try to get him evacuated and into a medical facility that is not in a prison where guards have been threatening his life. If this is the case, we are working against a clock, and time is running out.

2. Another scenario is that Ramey is simply sick, in solitary confinement, where the abuse by guards will continue to intensify to the point where Ramsey does get the virus, or is set up by guards which will hinder his chances of being released in July.

Either way, things are bad and as abolitionists, WeCopwatch has always taken the stance that this system is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Destroy people.

While we believe that people must be accountable for their actions when they hurt people, we do not believe the police, or the prison industrial complex holds any legitimacy in that process. We believe that we need to create institutions of justice that actually involve victims, and not descendants of slave patrols and strike breakers.

In that spirit that are 50,000 plus people awaiting death sentences because they are sitting in prison cells, run but dirty cops who have shown how good they are are contracting and spreading Covid-19.

Deja and I do not have faith in Midstate, NYSDOCC, or the Governor to do what is right. That is not their job. But we do have faith in all of you. Your love and concern not only for Ramsey, but for the world you wish to live in is what gives up hope.

We need to fight for a new day, because tomorrow is not promised. Whether it’s providing mutual aid for unsheltered people, or standing up to a violent cop trying to create a new victim. We need to look beyond ourselves, beyond our immediate communities, and begin to live the world we can only imagine.

We will update you as soon as possible on how Ramsey is, what we need to do next, but we wanted to take a moment to let you know we really appreciate all of you so, so much.

We know these times are really difficult for us all, and it means the world that you heeded the call in our time of need. We’ll be intouch.

Jacob Crawford / WeCopwatch and Deja Richardson, Ramsey’s fiancé

Below is a press release we wrote yesterday.

4/19/2020: Press Release:

To whom it may concern,

Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the 2014, NYPD chokehold death of Eric Garner, is facing life-threatening persecution at Midstate Correctional Facility where in recent days Covid-19 has broken out.

The barbaric measures against Orta have gone on for years, but now with the onset of Covid-19 at his facility, the targeted abuse has intensified. The Corrections Officers at Midstate Correctional Facility have threatened to infect him with the deadly virus and said he will be lucky to get out of Midstate alive.

Since these threats, Orta has been placed in the infirmary, and is unwell, it is unclear yet whether he has contracted the virus and these threats against him have been realized.

In prior weeks, Orta was denied basic essentials such as cleaning supplies for his cell and soap. His family, friends and supporters are terrified. “Ramsey risked everything when he filmed the death of his friend Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD and now six years later, his own life is at risk,” says Deja Richardson, his fiancé. “We just want him home.”

Before the outbreak, Orta had already been facing systematic abuse and torture by NYSDOCC. He had been transferred to 10 different facilities, many far north on the Canadian Border, far from his family and supporters. He had been put in solitary confinement on 7 separate occasions and spent over a year in isolation.

We must not forget this brave New York hero who helped to spark the #BlackLivesMatter movement across the United States when he chose to hit the record button to protect his friend.

If you would like to interview those closest to Ramsey Orta or for the latest update please contact:

Contact info:
Deja Richardson /
Jacob Crawford / WeCopwatch /

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Anthony J. Annucci: Acting Commissioner for New York State Prisons
Phone: (518) 457-8134
Acting Executive Deputy Commissioner – Daniel F. Martuscello, lll
Phone: (518) 457-8126
Office of Special Investigations (OSI) – DOCCS
844 674 4697

Ramsey Orta’s life is being threatened by C.O’s at Midstate Correctional Facility!

As Covid-19 has struck Midstate Correctional Facility, C.O’s are taunting and threatening Ramsey that they will expose him with the virus.

We are requesting that you contact these Prison related entities below and let them know abuse against Ramsey Orta and other inmates will not be tolerated!

Be sure to email as well so there is a digital record!

Office of Special Investigations (OSI) – DOCCS
844 674 4697

Anthony J. Annucci: Acting Commissioner for New York State Prisons
Phone: (518) 457-8134

Acting Executive Deputy Commissioner – Daniel F. Martuscello, lll
Phone: (518) 457-8126

William D. Fennessy / Superintendent
Phone: 315 768 8581 ext 2000

William Burns / Deputy Superintendent for Security
Phone: 315-768-8581 ext 5000

1. Demand that Ramsey Orta and countless other eligible inmates be released.
2. Demand that Ramsey and other inmates are provided showers, soap, and other sanitation now!

Also let them know that:
C.O. Mayo is asking Ramsey why is he not scared of him. He can make it hard for Ramsey to make it home!
C.O Crego is saying he has the virus and that he wants and hopes to give it to Ramsey.
C.O Bork is saying Ramsey will be lucky to make it home alive.

Let these authorities know that people are aware of these threats and there will be accountability for everyone involved should Ramsey be exposed.

Also contact Governor Cuomo and demand Ramsey Orta’s and other eligible be released.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

We also desperately need a lawyer and more media coverage to make sure these issues are immediately addressed.
You can reach us at

Alert! Midstate Correctional where Ramsey Orta is incarcerated has been exposed to Covid-19!

We have just learned that a staff member at Midstate Correctional Facility has tested positive for Covid-19 which means there are likely more cases that have either not been reported, or realized!

We have been sounding the alarms on the conditions at Midstate and the abusive treatment that Ramsey has been experiencing. But we need you all to act now to help free Ramsey Orta!

Below is a list of our demands to release Ramsey Orta and other eligible inmates now! We need you all to begin contacting these decision makers and apply even more pressure for them to do the right thing.

Please read our demands, copy and paste them, and begin the email and call floods! We will have more updates soon.

Jacob and Deja

Update on Ramsey Orta

Update: We made call, and you answered! Midstate has heard our immediate demands and has given Ramsey what he needs to be safe.

We are asking people to halt on call floods to Midstate and Office of Special Investigations regarding Ramsey and conditions for the moment while the prison honors these agreements and works to create a safer environment for inmates.

We are now transitioning back to our work to get Ramsey and others home and safe with their loved ones.

We created a set of demands to Free Ramsey Orta as he is eligible for release. In the demands are some suggestions on how to help support this effort. We thank you all for taking the time to advocate for Ramsey. Let’s now work on the notion of Freedom.

Thanks, Jacob and Deja.

You can also support Ramsey here.

Ramsey’s Paypal:

Ramsey’s Welcome Home Fund

Mailing Address: Don’t count on him getting his mail quickly or at all due to the virus.

Ramsey Orta 16A4200
P. O. Box 2500
Marcy, NY 13403-0216