Film the Police for the Victim. Not your Youtube channel.

If you film something fucked up with the police don’t just put it online.

In this day and age where everyone has a cellphone it is almost instinctual to press upload immediately after filming police violence. Wait! Stop for a moment and think about the well being of the victim. 

There has never been an advancement in community control of the police because someone decided to release unedited video evidence immediately following an incident of police violence.

We suggest that you let the officers get their story together publicly. Your video will contradict their testimony, and it is here that you have the power to helpful. 

Video evidence can get people’s charges dropped. And It can keep people from going to jail. 

So before you go live, or upload something to the public, check yourself. Why do you want to release this video now without considering the victim?  Could this video be used to help the victim? Could releasing this video now give police an upper hand? Could releasing this video now give police an upper hand?

If your heart is in the right place, you should try to get the video to the victim or their family, and if you have evidence you may want to speak to a lawyer as well. 

Video can be used as evidence.  But a lot of that lies in you being strategic.

Read more about how to use video as evidence in this handbook we made for Standing Rock. 

Ramsey Orta Mutual Aide Form

Ramsey will be released in summer of 2020. Because of voluminous inquiries we decided to create a Mutual Aide form so people who want to support or need support can connect now rather than later. 

As Ramsey prepares himself for the next phase of his life, he has requested this process so that it’s formal, orderly, and he can respond to inquiries in a way that works with him. 

Inmate Mailing Address:
Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Collins Correctional Middle Rd
P.o box 340
Collins, NY 14034

This is a link to Ramsey’s Welcome Home Fund and you can also donate directly to Ramsey for use during his incarceration through his Paypal

If you have any questions please contact

Update on Ramsey Orta

Many of you may have heard that Ramsey has been put back in Solitary Confinement. I (Jacob Crawford) visited with Ramsey last week and have a few things to report back on.

Ramsey is standing strong, but these past few months have been really difficult for him. He wants to be home with his fiancé, not in solitary confinement up on the Canadian border.

Ramsey will be in solitary confinement til February however he can receive books and letters.

Ramsey can receive visits right now, but is asking people to hold off for the time being. He only wants visits from a couple people.

Ramsey is dealing with a lot of stress. It’s clear our brother is overwhelmed and he really needs his family. He has experienced a rough incarceration, and he is having a difficult time preparing for his return home.

In recent months people have been coming out of the woodwork with propositions ranging from book deals, to movies, to inappropriate advances.

Ramsey doesn’t want to hear it. If you have an inquiry, email and someone will reach out. Ramsey has been less responsive to letters in general, but the recent influx of inquiries has made Ramsey stop responding to letters all together.

Ramsey has a lot of things he wants to do when he gets out,
but the most important things to him are to be with his loved ones, and to get back on his personal projects.

Ramsey wanted to make sure that people know that he is grateful and apologetic for not being as responsive as he has been in the past. He just needs some space to make sure he is grounded, and prepared for his return home. He hopes that him taking some personal time doesn’t alienate people.

Here’s how you can help.

If you are going to write please do so with compassion and dignity.

Prisoner Advocacy
We need a prison rights lawyer that can help with Ramsey’s transition home.

We need to intensify our fundraising efforts for Ramsey.  If you and your community want to throw an event for Ramsey, we would gladly come and present.

1. We need to keep his PayPal full for visits, phone, and commissary
2. We need to continue growing Ramsey’s welcome home fund.

As always if you want to write Ramsey you can at

Inmate Mailing Address:
Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Collins Correctional Middle Rd
P.O box 340
Collins, NY 14034

Important note. You must put your contact information in the return to sender part, or Ramsey will not receive the letter.

Sending Books 

  • Hood Novels: Ramsey has gotten his fill on revolutionary theory for the moment.
  • Book Puzzles: While they are a hit or miss, Ramsey will def  work a puzzle when he is solitary.

You can send money to Ramsey’s Paypal at

You can support Ramsey’s Welcome Home Fund here.

Thanks. If you have any questions you can reach out to or

Where is Ramsey Orta?


I know where he is, and Ramsey knows where he is.  
If you go to NYDOCCS inmate search and you too can find out where Ramsey is. He’s at Collins Correctional Facility in Upstate New York.
We are concerned because it doesn’t appear that the internal inmate tracking system at Collins Correctional knows where Ramsey is.

Since his transfer to Collins back in May to serve 90 days of solitary confinement Ramsey has not been receiving all of his package and worse, he has been missing court dates.

The reason? We’re not sure. We’ve heard an explanation that he had been moved around inside the facility. Other times it has come in the form of returned packages stating that Ramsey is not even at Collins Correctional Facility.

Prison ID Number
A prisoner’s ID number is one of the most dehumanizing ways to identify incarcerated people. Yet prisons claim they do it so that facilities are calibrated, knowing where a prisoner is at any given time, along with any information associated to them.

Ramsey has been at Collins Correctional for around five months, and while he has not been targeted, harassed, and isolated as of yet (which is a New York Department of Corrections tradition when it comes to dealing with Ramsey), the fact that Ramsey is not being notified of his court dates or of his packages being returned is disconcerting and not in accordance with prison policy.

Prisoner’s can receive packages. In a situation where a package is rejected or returned, the prisoner is to be notified of the package, who sent it, and why it was returned. Ramsey has not received packages on multiple occasions. Even worse is that he doesn’t not know what packages and letters have been returned because he is only finding out about this through communications with his outside support network. The prison is not informing him about his packages as required.

Court Dates
Ramsey has missed two court dates in recent months because he was neither notified nor retrieved. This is also very alarming because the excuse that has been offered is that they didn’t know where Ramsey was housed.

Remember, a prison ID number is a facility’s key to knowing the exact location and status of any prisoner at any given time.

We have multiple examples which we are forwarding to his legal support, but for the time being we are asking everyone who writes or sends letter to Ramsey to be documenting the day you send it, and take a photo of the envelope. If you want to ensure that it reaches him you can follow up by emailing us at and we’ll let you know.

Ramsey’s current information

Inmate Mailing Address:
Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Collins Correctional Facility
P.O Box 340
Collins, NY 14034

Be sure to put your full name and address on letter or it will be returned. 

You can also donate directly to Ramsey using his Paypal 

If you have any questions please contact

Thanks, Jacob / WeCopwatch

Supporting Ramsey Orta

Ramsey Orta was denied early release this week, meaning he will likely be released in mid 2020. We had hoped for better, but this decision was consistent with a long and predictably cruel pattern of abuse that has followed Ramsey ever since he began serving his four year sentence in the fall of 2016.

What world do we live in when a cop can kill a man on video, and 5 years later he walks free, while the person who showed you what happened, sits in a prison cell?

What kind of world do we live in where our heroes are abused, and our abusers are treated like heroes?

Ramsey has been moved to 8 or 9 facilities and been placed in solitary confinement at least five times. Daniel Pantaleo has remained with NYPD until recently, and this week has raked in over 100k in donations.

Ramsey should be free, and Pantaleo should be held accountable to the people whose lives he has destroyed. But let’s not expect justice from the very system that has the public accepting job terminations for a murderer. Let’s not expect that Ramsey will not endure more abuse before he is released. We live in a world that is broken for some, but running real smooth for others. We don’t have faith in this system correcting itself. But we do have faith in you collectively determining when you have had enough.

We don’t have a choice but to continue moving forward, and in that spirit we want to thank you all and encourage you not to give up. We made the call and you answered. Many of you have been directly effected by these very issues. The frontline is everywhere, and there are many Eric Garner and Ramsey Ortas out there. So we humbly thank you for taking time to support Ramsey and helping highlight the injustice he has faced.

As we prepare for Ramsey’s final year in state prison we have several things we are working towards and if you or folks you know are down to support, please contact us.

1. We ask that you continue to share and amplify Ramey’s message. We need to keep Ramsey safe, and while we have stronger legal support than we did three years ago, you have helped get the word out about what Ramsey is facing inside jail, and that helps keep Ramsey safe.

A man was murdered, a police officer got away with it, and we still have a man down. It’s frustrating to see so many people and groups not using their positions of power to help Free Ramsey Orta. Let’s not let people talk about Eric Garner and Officer Pantaleo anymore without speaking about Ramsey Orta. Ramsey may not be perfect, but he is paying the ultimate price for having more courage and dignity than most people we know.

2. Ramsey needs human contact. Most of Ramsey’s PayPal donations are used to keep Ramsey in touch with his community. He needs to be visited, and he needs to be able to make phone calls. Ramsey’s fiancé Deja visits him once a month. These visits keep Ramsey strong, and they keep us informed with Ramsey’s needs so that his lawyers, his support team, and the public are all on the same page.

We will be posting monthly should funds be low, but you can always support Ramsey through donating to his PayPal .

3.The Ramsey Welcome home Fund.
We need to make Ramsey whole. He deserves far more, and has lost everything standing on his principles, and while this fund will not give back the years taken from him, it will ensure that Ramsey comes home to both a supporting community, and some financial security.

You can write Ramsey directly at

Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Collins Correctional Facility
Middle Road p.o box 340
Collins ny 14034

Be sure to put your name and address on envelope or letter will be returned..

You can also donate to Ramsey using PayPal with

If you have any questions regarding Ramsey feel free to contact us at or

Ramsey Orta in Solitary Confinement after testifying against Officer Daniel Pantaleo

This week media across the country took a moment to speculate on whether departmental policies were violated in the August 2014 police chokehold death of Eric Garner on Staten Island. A non-criminal departmental trial for Officer Daniel Pantaleo underscores both the power and limitations of using video as evidence.

illustrations by Jonathan Burkhardt and OZI MAGANA

We know Eric was killed because Ramsey filmed it. These images were broadcasted to the world galvanizing a movement against police abuse and white supremacy. But regardless of the video, nearly 5 years later there have been no criminal charges against Pantaleo, rather a highly publicized kangaroo court of sorts to determine something that we already know. Pantaleo killed Eric Garner using a chokehold against departmental policy. We do not find it a coincidence that Ramsey was thrown back into the Box this week following his testimony against Daniel Pantaleo via video from Groveland Correctional facility in upstate New York where he is currently incarcerated.

In March of this year, Ramsey wrote a letter articulating that several officers had been threatening to set him up. Since that letter, Ramsey has been ticketed, given loss of privileges, and held in confinement following a visit. Ramsey being put into the Box is in retaliation for him testifying against Pantaleo, but it is also part of a bigger, methodical cycle of harassment and abuse that has rotated Ramsey in and out of solitary confinement 4 times, and moved him through 11 New York State correctional facilities during these past couple years.

This abuse is articulated exstensively in Chloé Cooper Jone’s article
Fearing For His Life, but we wanted to show an abridged timeline of these events to help you visualize what Ramsey is dealing with.

October 2016, Ramsey is put in Otis Bantum Correctional Center and processed. By Late October Ramsey is transferred temporarily to Down State and by November he is moved over to Fishkill Correctional. There he is approached by correctional officers asking is he is the one who filmed Eric Garner. In Fishkill Ramsey cut by an inmate and by January 2017, he is transferred to Franklin Correctional Facility in upstate by the Canadian border. At this point, Ramsey has begun to accumulate tickets, which lead to loss of privileges, and in March of 2017 Ramsey is put in the Box for the first time. In October of 2017, Ramsey is attacked by a correctional officer and thrown in the Box again. Ramsey if eventually moved to Gouverneur Correctional Facility where in January of 2018, he is thrown in the box again for 60 days. By February, Ramsey is moved to Altona and by August, is put back into solitary confinement for 90 days and shipped to Upstate Correctional Facility. Somewhere in this ordeal Ramsey is sent back down to Fishkill and transferred back upstate to Groveland Correctional Facility where he resides today.

Ramsey has been dragged through the mud, only to be dragged through the mud some more. In the coming days, we will be finding out more about Ramsey’s situation and how long he will be in solitary. For the moment we ask that you keep Ramsey in your thoughts.

Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Collins Correctional Facility
Middle Road p.o box 340
Collins ny 14034

Be sure to put your name and address on envelope or letter will be returned..

You can donate to his commissary using PayPal with

You can also write a letter of support for Ramsey’s upcoming August Parole Board hearing.

We thank all of you for your continued support for Ramsey and will update you over the next couple days.

Ramsey Orta Support Letter Form

Wanna support Ramsey with his upcoming Parole Hearing? Now you can send a letter of support with just the push of a button!

Ramsey has a Parole Hearing in August and we are trying to get 1000 letters of support. If you wanna help. Feel free to fill out the Letter Form below. 

You can start with “To whom this may concern” and can include any of the following. All we ask is that you speak from your heart. And please write a paragraph or two. Thank you.  

1. You can mention how Ramsey has influenced you.
2. If you have been in touch with Ramsey,  speak about Ramsey as a friend.
3. Talk about why you think Ramsey should be free.
4. Ramsey will be working with WeCopwatch on Know Your Rights Trainings and our miniseries as a job when he is released.
5. If you want to hold an event or training with Ramsey you can mention that as well.

You can email or with any questions. We’ll help you.

This email will be sent to Ramsey, his support team, and the court.

Ramsey Orta Parole Hearing

Ramsey has a parole board in August. If things go well, Ramsey may be eligible for release this December!

Over the next month, we will be calling on people for support in two areas. We need your help to make this happen.

1. We at WeCopwatch are working to get Ramsey a welcome home fund so that there is some employment money in the bank prior to his release. Ramsey will be helping teach Copwatch College and be working on video projects.

2. We are also asking for letters of support. If you have been corresponding with Ramsey a letter would be great. Also if you want to have an event, speaking engagement, or training with Ramsey then a letter specifying that would also be helpful.

If you are down to write a letter of support please do, and send a copy to so we have it for our court date. If you have any questions hit us at We’ll help you out.

We ask folks to continue to write Ramsey at

Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Collins Correctional Facility
Middle Road p.o box 340
Collins NY 14034

Be sure to put your name and address on envelope or letter will be returned..

You can send donations to his PayPal using However, if you know foundations or folks that have bigger money, we are going to be launching a fundraiser in the coming weeks.

This could be the final stretch for Ramsey. We look forward to him being home, getting to work, and taking some time to connect with the people who have supported him over these past few years.