The arrests of officers in the George Floyd murder is part of pacification campaign

What we have been seeing the last couple days is the beginning of a pacification campaign. Police violence is growing an uncontrollable and leaderless movement and now that the rabbit has the gun, the state is working on overdrive to pacify a popular rebellion before it creates space for substantial change.  This campaign is layered and we must pay attention as:

  1. Officers and government offer concessions and reforms.

  2. False leaders and groups are propped up that encourage people to accept concessions and either tell people to go home, or lead them into mass arrests.

  3. Divide and conquer tactics are implemented in the streets and in the media by pitting the people who are willing to follow false leaders or accept fake concessions against people who know that police will never change, and ultimately need to be abolished and replaced.

  4. A massive database is created of the people who have spoken out, have been arrested, and digital surveillance is used to identity anyone else who was in the streets and was not arrested.

  5. A select group of black peeps and others deemed as “anarchists” are indicted to scare others from standing up again.

  6. Biden is propped up.

  7. And when the dust settles, to regain control, police are eventually allowed to go back into black and brown communities to commit acts of terror that are worse than before.

This campaign is being coordinated by the state, the media, and while many of the groups that will surface in the coming days are pawns for the democrats, some are actively working with the state to silence the collective rage that is bringing racist power structures to their knees.

Since their inception, police have been conducting state sponsored terror against certain populations in America. Since when do we negotiate with terrorists? Anything the people have ever achieved has been fought for and not given.

Our suggestions is to continue to fight. To follow your heart, not groups and leaders. And listen to the people who have been most impacted by these racist institutions who know things will never change through reform.

It’s time to begin considering the real notion that we need to abolish the police and prisons.

Be safe out there.