Copwatching 101 in current Anti Police Rebellions

Copwatchers are out in full in effect as Anti Police Uprisings continue to take place across the bay area. Here are a couple ideas of what to be looking for if you are out in the streets documenting police actions.

1. Before any police actions occur, get the identity of the officers present.
Names, badge numbers, any weapons, and which department they work for can all be very helpful down the line if any misconduct should occur.

2. Film police movements, formations and any police actions such as threats, attacks, or arrests. (this can help in getting someone’s case dismissed)

3. Film police dressed in civilian costumes.

Undercover snatch squads and provocateurs EXIST. Careful not to “Question/Out” someone unless you know they are police, or are clearly acting policishly. (photographing people, photographing people doing “smashy smashy”, talking into their hands etc). This movement is growing, there are a lot of new and ignorant individuals walking amongst us. Not all of them are cops, some are just fools beginning to wake up.

Person talking into his hand. Very suspicious!

To all the journalists and picture takers.
If you have something stop and think! Should this be put online, could it compromise someone’s case. Examine your intentions of putting it online. There is a very visible balance between protecting people and informing the world of what is taking place. How you bring information to the people, define what your intentions really are.

DON’T film.
Remember video can be seized and subpoenaed.
Don’t film people “expressing” themselves. We don’t work WITH the police, we don’t work FOR the police. We are there to Film the Police, and to be supporters in The People’s right to demonstrate/rebel including and supporting their right to determine what that looks like.

Stay safe out there.