When Undercovers Attack

As protests and actions continue daily across the bay, police continue to implement new tactics to quell mass mobilizations. As many may know, undercover police officers brandished guns on demonstrators in Oakland last night.

Photo by Noah Berger

While much is still unclear, reports have been coming in that these officers were agitating the public, one drew his firearm when questioned as another jumped on a seemingly uninvolved person.

Photo by WeCopwatch

Minutes following this ordeal a Copwatch and Bay Area Intifada contributor was arrested at gunpoint while questioning the identity of two masked individuals walking down an alley.

At this point, it can be assumed that the use of plainclothes officers at Oakland demos is transcending traditional surveillance. This month alone there has been multiple accounts of officers making their identity more overt, and even making physical contact with people.

Did Oakland Police just join an Anti Cop Demonstration?

Support the Bay Area Anti Repression Committee Legal Fund Here.(They Bail our people out)

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