Ramsey Orta’s life is being threatened by C.O’s at Midstate Correctional Facility!

As Covid-19 has struck Midstate Correctional Facility, C.O’s are taunting and threatening Ramsey that they will expose him with the virus.

We are requesting that you contact these Prison related entities below and let them know abuse against Ramsey Orta and other inmates will not be tolerated!

Be sure to email as well so there is a digital record!

Office of Special Investigations (OSI) - DOCCS
[email protected]
844 674 4697

Anthony J. Annucci: Acting Commissioner for New York State Prisons
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (518) 457-8134

Acting Executive Deputy Commissioner - Daniel F. Martuscello, lll
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (518) 457-8126

William D. Fennessy / Superintendent
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 315 768 8581 ext 2000

William Burns / Deputy Superintendent for Security
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 315-768-8581 ext 5000

1. Demand that Ramsey Orta and countless other eligible inmates be released.
2. Demand that Ramsey and other inmates are provided showers, soap, and other sanitation now!

Also let them know that:
C.O. Mayo is asking Ramsey why is he not scared of him. He can make it hard for Ramsey to make it home!
C.O Crego is saying he has the virus and that he wants and hopes to give it to Ramsey.
C.O Bork is saying Ramsey will be lucky to make it home alive.

Let these authorities know that people are aware of these threats and there will be accountability for everyone involved should Ramsey be exposed.

Also contact Governor Cuomo and demand Ramsey Orta’s and other eligible be released.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

We also desperately need a lawyer and more media coverage to make sure these issues are immediately addressed.
You can reach us at [email protected]