You’re Sworn To Uphold My Right Not To Talk To You

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Discovered on Photography is Not a Crime

The video starts with a man being arrested at a gas station. Within seconds of recording, the videographer is approached by one of the arresting officers and asked for id. Her justification for asking for ID was that she wasn’t sure if he was going to post it on youtube, or somewhere “public”.

This is confusing. Yes she is a cop, and by law she has the right to enforce law, but she doesn’t have the right to police people’s youtube uploads.

And it’s ironic that a public servant, in public, arresting someone (which will be made public) is concerned about somebody posting someone in the “public”. She more than anyone knows people’s rights around videotaping the police.

The man explains that he is there to make sure the police don’t hurt the man, that’s when she really wants her his ID.

And the story gets crazier, she than says she is detaining the videographer because she doesn’t know if he’s there to hurt the person or hurt the officers. She wonders about weapons. And then she brings up youtube again, which is not illegal.

WeCopwatch does it all the time. This Orange County Sheriff is a bad cop.

This is the videographer’s account of what happened.

Another good example on how poorly trained the Orange County Sheriff is on civil rights and Terry stops. My first comment was “I don’t consent to contact” It should have been over then. There was zero reasonable suspicion and no articulable probable cause, yet she still detained me illegally for over 15 minutes.
Maybe a review of this link would be in order.…
Just 2 days before this incident David Silva of Bakersfield was brutally beaten to death by a cadre of police and sheriff’s deputies in California. The O.C. Sheriff’s have a recent history of shooting unarmed people and they want to know why I want to exercise my fundamental rights to film?

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