WeCopwatch cuts ties with Copblock.org

For years we have tried to work with elements of Cop Block that have longed to be part of something bigger. Bigger then disgruntled white men, bigger than finger pointing, bigger than the ideals that Libertarianism has to offer.

While over time, we have been excited to see many people grow both individually and collectively, we have also watched years of good work undone in a matter of months by the recent return of informant, and founding member of Cop Block, Adam Mueller, aka Ademo Freeman.

We have no interest in making this a Copwatch vs Cop Block ordeal, however WeCopwatch is disconnecting from Cop Block pending an accountability process for Adam, and a stated commitment to fighting oppression internally.

We applaud those who have begun to wake up, but be humble, you’ve arrived late to the struggle. We need you to focus more on yourself, so that you can begin to work better with the larger movement.

We know that in order to make a movement that is powerful enough to take on state violence and oppression with any meaningful impact, we have no space in our personal lives, or in our own groups for racism, misogyny, anti gayness, transphobia, xenophobia, or any form of blind hatred.

While Cop Block has been claimed to be an idea, the idea that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights”, this idea has been perverted by people who are unwilling to reflect on how their behavior perpetuates everything that is wrong with the state. From FB pages run by misguided individuals, to the recent actions of Cop Block’s founding member, Cop Block is destined to fail as a group, an idea, or a movement if it is void of checks and balances.

We wish the best for folks, and we hope this is the moment that people begin to make this world a better place by looking within at things that need change. Imagine what could accomplish if we all held hands in this struggle?

Until then, bigots beware, times up!

And for the rest of you willing to fight the real fight, see you in the streets.

Jacob Crawford and David Whitt of WeCopwatch

Statements from Anti-Media and Peaceful Streets Project.