Did Oakland Police Plant a Gun on Somebody They Shot?


On Wednesday, May 29th, 2013, Oakland Police began a vehicle pursuit in East Oakland of a car containing three occupants.
The chase would last about ten minutes and would end with a person being shot and killed as he allegedly fled police.

While reports state that a weapon was found at the scene of the shooting, WeCopwatch would like to know how that could happen when the gun according to dispatch was found several blocks away from the shooting. When you listen to the dispatch recording, you will hear that the gun was recovered at 2514 77th ave, which is a different location than the shooting which took place on the 2400 block of Ritchie Street.

A marks the location of where the handgun was recovered.
Picture 11
B marks the location of the Officer Involved shooting.

If you listen to the dispatch recording, you will hear that shots are fired at about 8m25s into the recording. You will also hear that the firearm was recovered at 2514 77th Ave at 12m04s.

For a previous writeup WeCopwatch asked Oakland Police’s Media Relations a few questions. . .

1. How many times was the man shot?
2. Was he shot in the front or in the back?
3. There are reports of a loaded gun being located. Was it located at Ritchie Street with the person shot?
4. Was the loaded firearm the only weapon recovered?

This was the Media Relation’s response.

At this time, we are not releasing this level of information due to the
ongoing investigation, but these questions are understandable and will
be addressed as soon as practical. The Coroner’s report, once approved
for release and coupled with our investigation, will document
circumstances related to questions #1 and #2. Regarding questions #3
and #4, we preliminarily released information about one firearm
recovered from the scene, and that remains accurate. The “scene” was
meant to denote the immediate scene of the shooting on Ritchie.

As we have discussed before, we are committed to sharing as much
information as possible; however, we are also obligated to conduct a
sound and thorough investigation. While some may consider the lack of
detail at this point as secretive or opaque, they must consider that
releasing information before all investigative steps have been completed
may very well jeopardize the investigation itself. Given this concern,
and in the interest of transparency, we will release additional
information and documentation as soon as practical via formal statement
or press release.

Seeing that OPD’s press release cites one weapon recovered which has been affirmed by OPD’s Media Relations, the question must be made. How does a gun get recovered in two locations? This is an open question. .

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