Busy Times

WeCopwatch has had a pretty busy year spreading the message about Copwatch.

We’ve trained hundreds of people across the country about their rights when stopped by the police and while copwatching. We’ve distributed thousands and thousands of Know Your Rights brochures to communities most impacted by police misconduct through our patrols and trainings. We’ve handed out hundreds of video cameras to people and groups across the states. We’ve also supported autonomous Copwatch Projects in Oakland, Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit, North Charleston, and NYC.

WeCopwatch to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, and in order for us to keep the momentum alive, we need your support. We can’t do it without you. Here are the ways you can help us out!

  1. Cameras and Equipment. Getting cameras and equipment for copwatching is a never ending priority. We fundraised for cameras for Ferguson, Baltimore, North Charleston, and Oakland this year alone.

  2. Travel and Organizational Funding. Since August of 2014, we’ve been on countless Copwatch trips and projects across the country, most of it coming out of pocket. Our projects and initiatives have been effective. We’ve want to do this full time.

We have our 501c3, a permanent space to run our projects out of, and we are currently looking for donors, sponsors, grants, and collaborations that can help us continue to spread the idea of Copwatch across the country and world.

If you want to help, or have thoughts or ideas, contact us at [email protected], subject line: Support