WeCopwatch to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, and in order to keep the momentum going, we need your support. 2016 was a wild year. Let’s go even further in 2017

If you support WeCopwatch here are some ways you can help us out!

1. Cameras and Equipment.

Getting cameras and equipment for Copwatching is a never ending process and priority.


  • We need to make our annual mass order of video cameras, body cameras, and memory cards so that we can be more efficient and direct in our support. When new or established Copwatch groups attend Copwatch College, or we travel to other states to support the formation of Copwatch groups, we always like to have cameras to offer along with the other resources.
  • We also need more Copwatch video cameras that will remain with WeCopwatch to be used and dispersed during large Copwatch shifts, police shootings, and protests. Over the past couple years we have found it very effective to always have multiple cameras charged and ready for deployments



2. Travel Fund.

Since August of 2014, we’ve been on countless Copwatch trips and projects across the country, most of it coming out of pocket. Our projects and initiatives have been effective in directly supporting established Copwatch projects and initiatives, as well as outreach and trainings to communities interested in Copwatch. Every trip we make is a $1000 in the bucket minimum to average. We deployed on well over a dozen out of state Copwatch missions in 2016. We expect 2017 to be the same.


3. Copwatch College 

Copwatch College is a series of intensive Copwatch trainings inspired by a UC Berkeley College class taught by Berkeley Copwatch at. We’ve trained varies groups and individuals in St. Louis, NYC, Austin, Baltimore, and Standing Rock. We are in the final stage of preparing Copwatch College for online so that anyone anywhere with a smartphone or internet access can be able to attend Copwatch College and have access to the information. Here are some of the classes offered. .
1. Cop watch
We explore the idea of Copwatch, its function, and what it can look like in practice. We also cover the history of Copwatch and it’s role in movements throughout history.

2. Police stops and Encounters
We deal with the different types of encounters and stops that one can have with law enforcement. We educate people about their rights during those interactions, and tactics and strategies for asserting rights when approached, stopped, or questioned by law enforcement

3. Copwatching
We deal with how to effectively Copwatch and document police stops and encounters. We explore proactive and responsive methods of Copwatching ranging from organized patrols to community defense projects. We cover methods of de-escalation, and ideas on how to maximize one’s presence and impact while documenting police stops. We also cover different ways to document. (written, audio, video, streaming)

4. The Witness
We deal with the importance of being a good Witness, both in conduct and in documenting. We deal with tactics and strategies for how we conduct ourselves as a Witness, and how to effectively document police encounters in a manner where the documentation can be used as evidence. We also cover tips and tactics on real time information collection.

5. The Aftermath
We deal with the aftermath of incidents ranging from evidence collection, to locating Witnesses. We also cover questions of what to do with evidence and documentation. (Getting the evidence to the victim, compiling and organizing data, educating the public)

4. General Fund 

WeCopwatch gives away literature, know your rights cards, Copwatch cameras, Copwatch gear, and stickers. We spend countless hours of our time and resources. Donating to the General Fund means you appreciate what we do, and trust us to use the funds where we feel it is needed.

We have our 501c3, a permanent space to run our projects out of, and we are currently looking for donors, sponsors, grants, and collaborations that can help us continue to spread the idea of Copwatch across the country and world.

If you want to help, or have thoughts or ideas, contact us at [email protected], subject line: Support