WeCopwatch has had a pretty busy year spreading the message about Copwatch.
From Eric Garner to Freddie Gray, the word is out. We all gotta be videotaping the police.
11222036_10156070463955507_2524262970709752549_oKevin Moore, Ramsey Orta, and Jacob Crawford

We’ve trained hundreds of people across the country about their rights when stopped by the police and while copwatching. We’ve distributed thousands and thousands of Know Your Rights brochures to communities most impacted by police misconduct through our patrols and trainings. We’ve handed out hundreds of video cameras to people and groups across the states. We’ve also supported autonomous Copwatch Projects in Oakland, Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit, North Charleston, and NYC.

WeCopwatch to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, and in order for us to keep the momentum alive, we need your support. We can’t do it without you. Here are the ways you can help us out!

1. Cameras and Equipment. Getting cameras and equipment for copwatching is a never ending priority. We fundraised for cameras for Ferguson, Baltimore, North Charleston, and Oakland this year alone.

2. Travel and Organizational Funding. Since August of 2014, we’ve been on countless Copwatch trips and projects across the country, most of it coming out of pocket. Our projects and initiatives have been effective. We’ve want to do this full time.

We have our 501c3, a permanent space to run our projects out of, and we are currently looking for donors, sponsors, grants, and collaborations that can help us continue to spread the idea of Copwatch across the country and world.

If you want to help, or have thoughts or ideas, contact us at, subject line: Support

Support Ramsey Orta: A Copwatch Hero

Ramsey Orta is a national Copwatch hero.

For those that don’t know, on July 17, 2014, Ramsey had the courage to video the attack and murder of Eric Garner in Staten Island by NYPD. Undercover officers approached Eric for allegedly selling loose cigarettes and while they had no proof that he was at the time, they took him to the ground in a chokehold that would kill him within minutes.

Video shot by Ramsey Orta

Ramsey showed even more courage by releasing his video and was subsequently harassed, targeted, and arrested after he released the video to the public. 

WeCopwatch attempted to find Ramsey last year and only recently was able to find him. We were saddened to see that Ramsey continues to be harassed by NYPD as he sorts out his legal matters.


WeCopwatch is currently working to get Ramsey a video camera so he can document the ongoing harassment, and we are reaching out to his supporters and police accountability advocates to give Ramsey some financial relief through this rough period of his life.

This fund is not a legal defense fund, but rather to help Ramsey with his day to day needs. If you believe in the right to film the police and you want to support a person who took the ultimate risk, please support however you can.
Every bit counts.

support ramsey orta

WeCopwatch salutes you Ramsey. Stand strong. We got your back.

WeCopwatch is looking to move its Administrative Office to St. Louis.

We’re looking for investors and lenders to help facilitate that process.
As you know, WeCopwatch is a community project, it exists out of a need for community safety from police violence, and as you know, over the years Wecopwatch has done an incredible job spreading the gospel of watching the police.

We’ve found property that would accommodate our on the ground efforts in St. Louis as well as our work nationally.
But we need support. The property costs $40,000 and we’re a quarter of the way there.
This would be a permanent and owned space and we’d like to move on it as quick as possible.

If you are interested in large donations and loans,
contact us at

For smaller donations feel free to go to our GoFundMe

Thanks for your support.

Jacob Crawford / WeCopwatch

Oakland Police Kill Again

Oakland has been pretty busy this year. Gentrification has provided the City and the Police with a new found sense of purpose: Protect capital, investments, and of course the massive migration of workers from San Francisco.

And the new comers are loving it. After all, they haven’t been neglected by a City that specializes in the kind of anti-blackness that displaces entire families that have been rooted in Oakland for generations. New-comers are enjoying the affordable housing, the great eateries, and the “safe spaces” that have been created for them at the expense of longtime Oakland residents. It’s also safe to say that the newer gentrifiers love the Oakland Police, and the Oakland Police love that. Being a settler never felt so safe, and being a Cop in Oakland never felt so warm and fuzzy.

But meanwhile in the streets, things are looking pretty bad. Far worse than last year to say the least. In 2015, Oakland Police have already been involved in three fatal shootings, as well as a mysterious death where a man died while trapped between two houses following a chase. The most recent killing happened on August 12, 2015, at the intersection of 27th Street and Martin Luther King Ave in West Oakland.

All we can know at this point has come from witnesses. A man was being chased by Oakland Police, crashed his car, and during a foot pursuit was shot and killed by three officers.
While information is still coming in, and Oakland Police claim he had a weapon, witnesses all say that he never brandished it at officers.

A protest was held that evening at the intersection where the man died.

memA memorial was placed where he died as well as in the middle of the intersection.

hwThe highway was temporarily shut down

Downtown experienced transformations

The march eventually ended back at the intersection where the man was killed, this time accompanied by dozens of Oakland Police Officers. .

We’ll update the post when more information comes in from sources more credible than the Oakland Police.

Police Know Their Job is a Joke. But We Don’t Think it’s Funny


The Police Know Their Job is a Joke. But We Don’t Think it’s Very Funny
After a few years on the job most cops realize that the institution they work for is clearly as much of a problem as the people they claim to be protecting the public from. After all, locking people up for victimless crimes, and extorting poor people through citations and judicial processes inevitably creates the conditions that give cops job security.

In short, the police are proactively helping keep people in poverty which ensures they will always have a job. The reality is people who do time, and have paperwork are left with less options to succeed in this racist, capitalist power structure and even worse, when the police lock people up, they know they are separating people from their families that need them. Every petty citation for expired registration or biking without a light takes money from people who need it far more than the more affluent people that they are NOT stopping for the same “violations.”

ThisCopKnowThis Cop Knows He is Part of the Problem

But this is how policing works and they all know it. Police get paid, the city gets paid, the courts get paid, the state gets paid, and the corporations that facilitate this slave trade gets paid, all off the back of the people.
That’s why Copwatch is so important. Every time caring people stand together and watch the police, they are less likely to abuse people, and steal their money.

These days even cops are finally admitting that in the moment, Copwatch keeps them in line. To those cops we say this.

Your job shouldn’t be to stop, harass, cite, and lock people up. You are part of the problem. Many people make great cases that you are the problem.

If you are Police and you think Copwatch is so valuable then maybe you should. . .
1. Stop stopping people. Stop citing people. Stop arresting people.

2. Record and document your fellow officer’s corruption and abuse and send it to your local police accountability group.

3. When police abuse people, put your hands on them like you would any member of the public and put them in handcuffs.

4. Stop acting as if you have any special authority over people. After all if you really wanted to help people, you wouldn’t be a cop.

West Oakland Park Under Surveillance

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.05.30 PM

As gentrification places a firm grip on West Oakland, the city has been clearing public spaces of black faces by shutting down and fencing up parks once enjoyed by many. This has been achieved through heavy handed policing resulting in increased displacement of West Oakland residents, ensuring space for new outsiders.

The Filbert St. park on San Pablo and 32nd is one of the last open spaces in West Oakland that remains opened and used. These parks are often cleared and replaced with “Community Gardens” which are traditionally organized and run by gentrifiers, or they are fenced up in the name of “beatification” only to be re-opened when the surrounding neighborhood has become inhabited by a community of a higher economic bracket.

The Filbert St. park was fenced up back in late 2014, only to be torn down a day later.

But today the park has a new friend. An Oakland Police Mobile Command Center sits across the street from the park surveilling everyone and anyone in the immediate area.

Big Brother Video

Big Questions
Where are these videos being stored?
Will images of people be used to further surveil and criminalize the poor and homeless population who have nowhere else to go?
Will images of people be disseminated to patrol officers, many new to the force, eager to rise through the ranks and willing to stop many to catch just a few?

An Officer on site explained that the purpose of the surveillance vehicle was to serve as a deterrent to crime, and to function as an fully operational intelligence gathering center. He also mentioned that the command center was put in place in response to a recent murder of a young man who resided just down the block.

Failed Solutions.
WeCopwatch knew this young man, he was a sweet person, and his death came too soon.
But this kind of intelligence gathering/deterrent is disconnected, expensive, and is a poor solution.

It’s ironic that just two months prior, Oakland Police raided this young man’s residence likely with the intention of imprisoning him for a long time.
Their raid yielded nothing to speak of. Their armored vehicles and men with assault rifles and flash bangs was outrageous, unnecessary, expensive, and a poor solution.


Imagine if the thousands spent in that raid, and these intelligence operations had been applied toward building people

up, not breaking them down.
we might be living in a different world. . .

One thing is clear, the overt surveillance being conducted is awkward, it is being conducted on longtime local residents, and is a sign that more police activity around the Filbert St. park is to follow.

This Oakland Police Killing was NOT a Standoff

Contrary to Main Stream Media headlines plastered across the internet, there was NO standoff between an unconscious man now known to be Demouria Hogg of Hayward, CA and Oakland police.

We don’t know much about the Oakland Police killing on June 6, 2015, but what we do know from a dispatch recording obtained by WeCopwatch affirms that on the morning of June 6, 2015, Oakland Police responded to reports of a man unconscious in a vehicle with “alleged” gun in the front passenger seat.

We know that Oakland Police made announcements over the span of at least an hour and fired no less than four beanbag shotgun rounds into the car where Demouria Hogg lay. None of this woke Hogg up.

Photos by WeCopwatch

We know that whatever happened that led to his death, happened very quickly.

Due to the length of time and amount of noise devices used to try to wake Hogg up, it is logical that the only way Hogg could have been woken up prior to him being shot would be by some level of force initiated by the Oakland police that were coming to take him into custody.

[The audio excerpts below obtained by We Copwatch are from Oakland Police Dispatch recording from the morning of the shooting. The recording are “edited” down to three minutes and focused only on the attempts to wake the unconscious person up, and the force used against him.]

It is important to note that there is a lot of communication relating to this incident that is not included; such as where to put responding officers and where to set up perimeters amongst other things.

The entire records can be downloaded here.

June 6 Oakland Police Shooting Dispatch Recordings

Big questions:

How did Hogg sleep through an hour of announcements and multiple beanbag rounds fired at his car only to be killed by Officers taking him into custody?

Did OPD wake Hogg up by tasering him and then shot him when he began moving abruptly from the shock?

Why didn’t OPD simply approach the car to retrieve the gun if the man was clearly non responsive to the barrage of bean bag rounds and announcements?

Why has OPD not released the body camera videos to the public? If they have nothing to hide, wouldn’t the video show why they felt justified in using lethal force over other less deadly means?


If you witnessed the OPD shooting death of Demouria Hogg or have information about this case please contact the Anti-Police Terror Project or We Copwatch.

Curfews, Undercovers, and Chest Cams, Oh my


On June 5, 2015, Mayor Libby Schaaf’s ” protest curfew” on night time demonstrations was tested again as 100 people marched through First Friday celebrations yelling “Fuck The Curfew”.

Oakland Police cut the march off on the north and south side of the First Friday corridor, but police remained fairly hands off. The general sentiment around town is that OPD took a hands off approach because the protesters and the First Friday revelers were indistinguishable from each other and any crackdown would have made for bad press and a possible backlash from Oakland’s new coveted affluent class: the gentry.

The treatment of “Say Her Name” protesters a couple weeks back was very different. Police responded to a predominately black, woman led march by blasting “LRAD” (Long Range Acoustic Device) and throwing flash bang grenades at marchers, eventually detaining and arresting many from the demonstration.

Video Produced by WeCopwatch

Both events had heavy police presence with a zero tolerance approach to people being in the streets, but there is no question that there was a discrepancy of treatment to the different groups– largely because of who they were comprised of, and who was there to witness.

Repeat Offenders

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.30.21 PM Overt plain clothes cops were also spotted Friday night. Oakland police officer Omega Crum along with at least one more undercover/plain clothed cop were spotted mingling amongst protestors and spectators and when approached by Bay Area Intifada, hurriedly made his way through an OPD riot line.

[For those who don’t know, Officer Crum was also documented by different Copwatchers on Mayday in 2013 where he was spotted following and photographing a Muslim contingent within the march. Video of this encounter can be seen here: Pigs Are Haram ]

Video Produced by WeCopwatch and Bay Area Intifada

Many officers from different ranks were spotted without their body cameras (PDRd’s)– which is against protocol.

One officer in particular, Officer Ocampo, was spotted for the second time without a PDRD within the last two months.

Ocampo can been seen in the video below assisting US Marshals in an arrest in West Oakland without his body camera.

Video Produced by WeCopwatch

At this stage in the battle to “Break the Curfew” it is unclear to say where things are headed, but without a doubt protests against police violence will continue and Copwatch will be out there documenting police actions. If you want to know more about you rights check in with us