Inspired by a UC Berkeley University class taught by Berkeley Copwatch over the years, and motivated by
daily requests for support and training, WeCopwatch has created a standardized training curriculum called
Copwatch College that is based on years of hands-on experience, covering six modules that are
typically taught over the span of 3-4 days:

1. Slave Patrols and Strike Breakers: The History of the Policing in the US.

2. Understanding the Police Mindset: Police Culture and Training, and How It Impacts Us.

3. Your Rights: Legal Rights When Stopped by or Interacting with Law Enforcement.

4. CopWatching: Rights, Tactics, and Strategies when Observing the Police.

5. First Responders: Responding to Police Shootings and other Critical Incidents involving the Police.

6. Investigations: Conducting Independent Investigations for Criminal or Civil Cases, or for Public Consumption.

We’ve been conducting Copwatch College for some years now,
and we’ve held trainings in communities across the states.
We really want this information accessible to you, and we are hoping to have our
curriculum/training material online over the next few months.