Ramsey Orta is still behind bars. Here’s how you can support him

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Like so many families across the nation, WeCopwatch is tasked with supporting one of our loved ones serving time in the Prison Industrial Complex. As Ramsey comes up on his first year of incarceration, and with three to go, we at WeCopwatch have been reflecting on our strengths and our weaknesses, so that we can continue to be a better support network for the years to come.

Comic Book sketches of Ramsey by Jonathan Burkhadt

Our Strengths and Weaknesses

1.Ramsey has received a lot of sporadic support in the form of donations, letters, and visits.
2.We have been able to visit Ramsey.
3. We have been able to fundraise when Ramsey’s commissary is empty, and we send out food packages when we can, we also keep photos coming in to him.
4.And do our best to be a connection point for Ramsey to the outside world.

1.Beyond a few dedicated people, we have no formal support network in place to support Ramsey.
2.WeCopwatch has no online reach and has difficulty fundraising, or getting information out to large populations of people.
3.When Ramsey was in solitary confinement, we couldn’t find a lawyer that would be willing to call or visit Ramsey.

August interview with Ramsey Orta

We want/need to do better for Ramsey. But we need more people involved to make this possible.
Ramsey is in good spirits, but in his first year in prison, Ramsey has already been put in solitary confinement, he has been cut, and Ramsey has been moved around several times, and is currently at Franklin County Corrections Facility in UpState New York, on the Canadian Border making it hard for him to stay connected to his community.

We as a community can do more to keep Ramsey safe and healthy. We want to plug you in. In any way you can. Consider the following. First and foremost Ramsey needs continuous donations of any form. Keeping his communication open to the outside, and money in his commissary is a must. WeCopwatch helps manage his PayPal donations in the areas mentioned.


1. If you can donate one time, or a little every month, feel free to use this PayPal
“OfficialRamseyOrta@gmail.com “ or send postal order (only) to

Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
Franklin Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010

2. You can send food packages to Ramsey. We have an amazon wishlist that has food items that the jail accepts.
Link: http://a.co/0ptyH6P

3. You can send Ramsey books. Ramsey loves to read political work, know your rights books, history books, etc.
You can send books to

Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
Franklin Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010

4. We need more people helping post on twitter and content on his https://www.facebook.com/SupportRamseyOrta/ page . If you have online reach and want to be part of Ramsey’s online support team, email us at WeCopwatch@protonmail.com

Ramsey is keeping busy though.
He’s enrolled in classes,
reading the books and letters sent to him.
And recently Ramsey, Jonathan Burkhardt, and WeCopwatch have began working on a Comic Book showcasing Ramsey, his life, Copwatch, and Know Your Rights information. It’s sure to be a hit.

Ramsey Orta Can’t Breath – Produced by WeCopwatch

Standing Rock Copwatchers come to Oakland

In 2016 we left our families, our homes, our lives to go defend the water at Standing Rock, North Dakota. We stood in struggle with hundreds of tribes from across the country and continent. Our fight was for mother earth, and it was for our people, our history, and for our future.

Neither the violence brought on us by DAPL employees, local, state, federal, or tribal police, nor the snowy, windy, winter of North Dakota could break our spirit. When our camp was finally raided in February, some of us who had remained to the end left Standing Rock on a bus and we began a 2 month journey driving over 6,000 miles, through over 20 states.

We are a group of young natives, who share the same passion to protect, love and honor Mother Earth. We have been traveling from city to city connecting with other people, sharing our stories, speaking about the fight for our earth, and conducting know your rights trainings.

We have visited many communities, and answered many calls to action, whether it be to sing prayer songs, speak to the youth, or be on the frontlines.

We’ve made stops in NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, Denver, Los Vegas, Seattle, Tuscon, Compton, Minneapolis, and the Bay Area.

As we enter spring, we have found ourselves a long way from home. After traveling through two different blizzards, varies rain storms, and high winds, we find ourselves in California, thousands of miles away from home.

Many of us are currently in Oakland, California, staying with our WeCopwatch family who stayed with us at Standing Rock throughout the fall and winter.

We are currently fundraising to get the clutch on our bus fixed, and raise funds for a NoDAPL / Copwatch food truck.
And of course Copwatching whenever the police stop people in our neighborhood.

The plan is to head back to the Dakotas to visit varies camps that were built in the weeks following the Standing Rock Raids. We want to bring buffalo, and warm meals to our relatives as the camps begin to grow.

Bay Area! We are here. We want to meet you. We’d love to do any report backs, fundraisers, or even have coffee or dinner.
Contact us at WeCopwatch@gmail.com

Folks can donate to the Rolling Resistance here

Folks can donate to the No DAPL / Copwatch Food Truck here

More info about the Rolling Resistance here

More info about the No DAPL / Copwatch Food Truck here

To my Brother in Arms. David Whitt

As I reflect on these past three years, it’s often hard to see where we are, where we are heading, and where we came from.

But today I see so much clarity both in what we have accomplished together, and apart. David when I met you in Ferguson, I couldn’t conceive what was about to happen. Who would have ever imagined that we could effectively kick racist police out of your neighborhood using video cameras.

Who would have ever thought that we would help bring copwatch to the people, and the communities that needed it the most.

From Ferguson, to Oakland, to Baltimore, to NYC, to Standing Rock, I thank you and am forever grateful for taking this journey with me.

We’ve sacrificed everything, and we’ve lost so much.
But I think about how large our family has grown, how many people have joined this struggle and stood with us.

We’ve been targeted, surveilled, even infiltrated by police provocateurs, yet here we are today. Stronger than ever. It did’t start with us, and certainly won’t end with us either. But I love you. You are my Brother, and have been one of the most important contributors in this struggle.

Thank you David. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Jacob Crawford/WeCopwatch

Ramsey Needs Our Support

Here is how you can help

1. Ramsey needs legal support. He has been cut, harassed, and put into solitary confinement.
If you are a lawyer, and can make welfare phone calls, or are interested in helping support Ramsey with a few issues that he is dealing with behind bars, please contact us at WeCopwatch@protonmail.com

2. It would be great if more people were writing him. Let him know he is not alone. You can write him and send it to this address.

Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
​Franklin Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010

3. We send pictures to Ramsey. Feel free to take a picture with a sign, and email it to us a WeCopwatch@protonmail.com and we’ll be sure to put it in the mail.

4. Ramsey need financial support. You can donate directly to him at his Paypal using this email. OrtaRamsey@gmail.com(which was not in his control for many months) You can also send money orders to

5. Ramsey’s official pages are now RamseyOrta.org or com. RamseyOrta.info has not been updated for many months, and it had inaccurate information on it.

Ramsey Orta is in Trouble

In the past few months Ramsey has been cut, abused by guards, moved to the Canadian Border, and put in isolation.

As of today, we’re having a difficult time finding a lawyer to do welfare check on Ramsey. We don’t know how he is, we don’t know what is happening to him.

We need someone to call Ramsey.
To find out what happened
Who did it
We need to know what Ramsey needs

Are you a real deal lawyer willing to make a phone call?
Contact WeCopwatch at WeCopwatch@gmail.com for more info

Ramsey is currently at Franklin Correctional Facility:

Visiting Hours at Franklin Correctional Facility:
Inmates are limited to four visitors per session. Visiting occurs on Saturdays, Sundays, and state recognized Holidays from 7:30am-2:50pm.

Physical Address:
Franklin Correctional Facility
62 Bare Hill Road
Malone, New York 12953

Inmate Mailing Address:
Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
​Franklin Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010
Send money via us postal order only

Support the NoDAPL/Copwatch Food Truck!

Donate Here!
Donate to our Mobile NoDAPL/Copwatch Food Truck here!

In the fall of 2016, WeCopwatch traveled to North Dakota to support the indigenous-led resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline’s drilling along the Missouri River, right on the border of the Standing Rock Reservation. Water protectors had been experiencing violence and repression from local, and state authorities as well as DAPL employees.

The camps had already been documenting these incidents, so the idea of Copwatch resonated with many. With great honor, we were invited to return in the winter to help spread the message of Copwatch across the camps.

In the spirit of Copwatch College (which will be available this year), we interviewed a bunch of Water Protectors, dug into WITNESS and WeCopwatch’s resources and assembled and pretty incredible Copwatch / Video as Evidence Guide which we would use and distribute during training’s at Standing Rock.

You can download the Video as Evidence Guide here

We also did a successful fundraiser for video cameras and other equipment.



Copwatch Cameras for Standing Rock on Crowdrise

Copwatch Cameras for Standing Rock

The fund is still open. Feel free to contribute. The struggle is far from over.

We spent the great part of winter at Standing Rock splitting wood, supporting Water Protectors, and conducting varies trainings. What was evident then, and continues to be today, is that police are a real issue in Native Communities, and people want to do something about it.

In February of 2017, Local, State, and Federal authorities, assisted by officers from out of state, as well as the National Guard, raided multiple camps at Standing Rock displacing hundreds of people. Our Copwatch Community has been displaced along with others.

The camps may be gone, but the spirit of Standing Rock continues to grow as occupations sprout up across the country. WeCopwatch anticipates a busy spring and summer.

We recently decided to partner with one of our Water Protectors to obtain a food/copwatch truck that can travel from occupation to occupation feeding people and educating people about their rights when they are stopped by law enforcement, or while observing the police when they interact with members of the public.

We partnered with Richard Fisher, an elder, a warrior, a water protector, and a copwatcher. Richard took representatives of WeCopwatch into the SWO camp at Standing Rock in November of 2016.

He helped support the formation of a native led Copwatch group. Today we are trying to support him, and support this great project. The water protectors haven’t given up, so it’ up to us to make sure they have the support they need. This is a Standing Rock / WeCopwatch Collaboration, and we look forward to continuing to spread the gosepl of copwatch to Native People in resistance.

$3000 – Food Truck
$500 – Literature
$2000- Gas and Transportation
$500- Copwatch Training Tee Pee
$2000- Cooking Equipment
$2000- Food

WeCopwatch’s Open Letter regarding Little Feather

This is an open letter to the judge and prosecutor overseeing the case against Little Feather, a Water Protector we know from Standing Rock. He is currently in custody being charged with blanket felonies that have been handed out to scores of other Water Protectors.

He has a lawyer, but he needs financial support to be able to be in touch with family. Please donate what you can.


To whom it may concern.

My name is Jacob Crawford. I am the founder of WeCopwatch, a national organization that educates people about their rights, and about how to document police interactions with the public. I am writing on behalf of my organization regarding Michael Giron, who is currently in custody, being charged with felonies relating to a protest that occurred at Standing Rock on October 27th, 2016.

While our organization was not present at the demonstration on October 27th, we do know Michael, and we’re gravely concerned about the charges he is facing.

We met Michael in November, 2016, while visiting Standing Rock with other legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild. Michael was a kind, gentle, and compassionate person. We felt a warm connection, and were honored to be able spend some time with him and share stories.

But it wasn’t days after we met, that Michael was targeted and arrested at a march in Bismarck for an out of state warrant. He was extradited back to California. But we stayed in touch with Michael, and a month or so later, we were happy to be reunited with him again at Standing Rock.

We spent many weeks with Michael slitting wood for elders, and making sure people across the camp had warm clothes, food, and shelter. This is the Michael we know. And this is the Michael we want you to know.

One of things I love about my organization is that we meet people where they are at. We don’t judge people’s pasts. We only care about where people are going. Michael may have a few blemishes in his history, but as an indigenous man, he has found his life purpose through his time spent at Standing Rock. His purpose is to serve his community. We hope that you help make this man’s beautiful purpose possible.
Thank you for your time. Jacob Crawford

Copwatch Cameras for Standing Rock

As Police attacks on Water Protectors intensifies at Standing Rock, a Native led Copwatch group is formed. We need cameras, and fast!

Copwatch Cameras for Standing Rock on Crowdrise

Copwatch Cameras for Standing Rock

FBI surveillance planes, drones and low flying helicopters are ever present over camp and armored vehicles and snipers are positioned on hilltops nearby at the ready.

Undercover provocateurs and DAPL employees frequently infiltrate the camp perpetrating violence against people.

Water Protectors are being met with violence as riot police indiscriminately swing batons and deploy tasers, gas, water cannons, and projectiles at peaceful people. But theres hope. The resistance continues to grow, and recently a Copwatch group has been formed on the groud at Standing Rock

WeCopwatch has been at Standing Rock for the past week supporting the formation of a Copwatch at Standing Rock. This is a Native run group who have been holding it down on the front lines.These cameras will be used for actions, police assaults, and security at the camps.WeCopwatch will be helping train trainers and different groups about their rights when interacting with law enforcement and while cop watching.

The situation on the ground is volatile. People involved in this project have already been targeted.

Right now we need to purchase at least 20 cameras. Ten for our group, and the rest for varies camps and tribes who are also on the front lines documenting the police. Donate what you can. Money will purchase cameras, but we need plenty of resources as well such as computers, video cards, hardrives, and literature.