Victor Garcia


Video of Victor Garcia Shooting Scott Campbell with Beanbag

Video Produced by Jacob Crawford

OPD Used Violent Cops Against Occupy – Ali Winston

Officer Who Fired Beanbag At Occupy Oakland Videographer Reassigned

Oakland Wiki

Police Officer Responsible for Shooting Scott Campbell on Nov 2nd Identified

Officer Involved Shootings

Bruce Rhodes 
Aged 32, Black, Male
 Incident date: 04/22/2010

Alledgedly armed with: None
Status: Injured.
OPB ID: SH00199 
Officers involved: Victor Garcia

Lanare Wise
 Aged 18, Black, Male 
Incident date: 05/21/2001

Alledgedly armed with: Firearm
 Status: Injured.
OPB ID: SH00122 
Officers involved: Victor Garcia

Dog killing in Oakland raises questions

Plaintiff(s): Elliott Flowers
Date filed: 2004-08-24
Settlement paid by the city: $17,500.00
Plaintiff attorney: Hunter Pyle
OPB ID: SE00319
Oakland City Attorney file number: 23665

US District Court case number: 04-cv-3521
Officers named: Jaime F Majarucon, Victor Garcia
Case Summary
Excess force used during an arrest

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