• Our field team is experienced, deployable, and relentless in spreading the word about Copwatch.
  • Our goal is educate, empower, and to of course always, to Copwatch.

David Whitt

David Whitt: Founder of the Canfield Watchmen, a Copwatch group that was created in Ferguson in the days following the murder of Mike Brown. David has recently helped support Copwatch projects in Ferguson, St. Louis, Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore, North Charleston, NYC.

Jacob Crawford

Jacob Crawford: Copwatch veteran who has spent the past 15 years supporting the creation of Copwatch groups and projects across the country.

Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore: Baltimore resident who filmed the arrest of Freddie Gray, his neighbor and friend who would later die in police custody. Kevin has formed an autonomous Copwatch group in his neighborhood and is an active WeCopwatch representative.

Ramsey Orta

Ramsey Orta: New York City resident who filmed the NYPD murder of Eric Garner, a video that prompted the #Icantbreathe protests across the US. Ramsey is the newest member to the team. He is currently working with WeCopwatch on a mini series about Copwatching in the US.

Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis: Founding member of St. Louis Copwatch.
Alexis has supported Copwatch projects in Ferguson, St. Louis, Baltimore, and NYC.

Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson: Outreach coordinator for WeCopwatch, and founding member of WeCopwatch St. Louis. Chad has recently helped support Copwatch projects in Ferguson, St. Louis, Baltimore and North Charleston, NYC.