The Streets is Watchin

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This video is the first Copwatch video I (Jacob Crawford) ever produced. In the winter of 2002, I ventured to Cincinnati Ohio to visit a newly formed Copwatch. The group was comprised of incredible people, in a community under attack by some of the most scariest and racist police I had ever come across to date. Cincinnati Copwatch was been born out the Timothy Thomas Riots of 2001, when the community of Over The Rhine exploded after Cincinnati Police shot and killed an unarmed youth by the name of Timothy Thomas. Cincinnati would change my life forever. I would never be able to look at police again without seeing their clear connection to slave catchers of the previous century. As you watch this video, take some time to really see how the police interacted with people, with children. How anyone in Cincinnati could view the police as anything but racist thugs is beyond me. Welcome to Cincinnati Ohio. .

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