Did the Feds Just Raid The YMCA?

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Yes the feds did raid the YMCA. On the morning of November 5th,2013, FBI agents and US Marshals conducted a raid in West Oakland, California.

According to agents, the person they were attempting to apprehend allegedly escaped out of a window during the raid. Accompanied by OPD, the agents set a perimeter that eventually partially locked down the neighborhood for a brief amount of time.

There are two points in this video where space was negotiated between agents and the videographer. It is important to note that the first incident took place was a result of one agent allowing the videographer to walk down a street only to be received eventually by a more hostile one closer to the next intersection.

The second incident in this video took place in an area that was not shut down to the public, the sidewalk was open and there were two other people within close proximity of the agents. It was the appearance of a video camera that prompted the hostility.

As the perimeter tightened, it was believed amongst agents on the scene that the individual in question was on top of the YMCA located on the corner of Market and Brockhurst. Eventually they worked out a top and bottom approach to the YMCA issue by bringing in a fire truck to help some get on top of the building why others below broke into the center using a tactical crowbar. The roof was clear and the building empty.

As the operation was coming to an end, a person was taken into police custody, arrested further down the block. A board was put over Youth Center door. It’s clear the feds did damage to it, and they were seen taking their battering ram into the building after the initial entry.

Question. So do the feds foot the bill when they come to Oakland and do property damage?

3 Years Ago Today in Oakland CA. . .


On November 5th , 2010, Oakland Police swarmed a group of Oscar Grant demonstrators as they marched towards the Fruitvale Bart Station in East Oakland.
For those who don’t know, Oscar Grant was a young man who was killed on video, Jan 1 2009 by Bart Police in front of scores of people.

This killing would bring people together all over the bay, state, country, and world around police murder in violence.

This group in particular was heading towards Fruitvale Bart station when they were illegally surrounded and arrested for “remaining at the scene of a riot”

The National Lawyers guild sued the city of Oakland and just this summer settled for over a million dollars, citing OPD inability to follow it’s own crowd control policies.

Take a peak at this video produced about police actions that day. .

For more info about Oscar Grant go to http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2009/07/12/18607212.php