New Witness in Oakland Mayor Quan Incident

Last Week, WeCopwatch published a video surrounding an incident involving a citizen, Mayor Jean Quan, and her husband. See Video Here.
Mayor Jean Quan Holds Back Aggressive Husband

Since the release of the video another person has come forward with an separate incident involving the Mayor, and her husband that took place earlier in the evening. .

Mayor Quan Drags Off Aggressive Husband

by Mohammed Harun Arsalai

In recent years, Oakland has seen an accelerated gentrification process occurring. City Hall and law enforcement operations are both engaged in the dirty work that comes along with these processes. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen collaboration between the police and the FBI. We’ve seen 300 officers and 200 Feds zooming up and down the streets like an occupying army. They only came up with five arrests and a few guns. Another FBI-OPD raid occurred on First Friday. If one takes a deeper look, it doesn’t take long to see that the neighborhoods with the fastest rates of gentrification are the same as those that fall within the borders of Oakland’s gang injunctions. There are zero degrees of separation between the mayor’s office, city council, policing policies and the Business Improvement Districts of gentrification. Written by Mohammed Harun Arsalai