Ramsey Orta Parole Hearing

Ramsey has a parole board in August. If things go well, Ramsey may be eligible for release this December!

Over the next month, we will be calling on people for support in two areas. We need your help to make this happen.

1. We at WeCopwatch are working to get Ramsey a welcome home fund so that there is some employment money in the bank prior to his release. Ramsey will be helping teach Copwatch College and be working on video projects.

2. We are also asking for letters of support. If you have been corresponding with Ramsey a letter would be great. Also if you want to have an event, speaking engagement, or training with Ramsey then a letter specifying that would also be helpful.

If you are down to write a letter of support please do, and send a copy to OfficialRamseyOrta@gmail.com so we have it for our court date. If you have any questions hit us at OfficialRameyOrta@gmail.com. We’ll help you out.

We ask folks to continue to write Ramsey at

Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Collins Correctional Facility
Middle Road p.o box 340
Collins NY 14034

Be sure to put your name and address on envelope or letter will be returned..

You can send donations to his PayPal using OfficialRamseyOrta@gmail.com. However, if you know foundations or folks that have bigger money, we are going to be launching a fundraiser in the coming weeks.

This could be the final stretch for Ramsey. We look forward to him being home, getting to work, and taking some time to connect with the people who have supported him over these past few years.