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Protester Escapes Arrest By Knowing His Rights

Contributed by Courtey Harrop of Political Fail Blog

This video, taken during the recent protests in Brooklyn, shows how remaining calm, being in the right, and standing up for yourself can go a long way with cops intent on arresting you.

This short explanation is from Courtney Harrop at Political Fail Blog:

“Basically, protester was at the #BrooklynProtest, peacefully demonstrating and livestreaming the police. The crowd was kind of breaking up, etc., and he was standing on the sidewalk chatting with a handful of people. The officer approached him, and in doing so, a crowd began to gather right away around protester. The rest you can see in the video. The protester is a peaceful, joking type of guy, who does not agitate or otherwise instigate the police. I was watching and tweeting while it was happening, because he kept his stream up the whole time.”

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