Copwatch Camera Fund For Standing Rock is Succeeding

Thank you to all who have donated and shared our fundraiser to get cameras into the hands of Copwatchers at Standing Rock.

In the coming days our Copwatch family at Oceti Sakowin camp will be conducing trainings about people’s rights when stopped by law enforcement and while observing the police.

We intend to keep this fund open so that we can place another order for cameras over the next week.
The goal is to equip every camp with the knowledge, tools, and resources to defend themselves in actions against the DAPL pipeline, but also in their communities back back home.

Copwatch Cameras for Standing Rock on Crowdrise

We are still in need of a couple things.
1. We need as many cameras as possible. New or used
2. We need a used Mac and hard drives to organize video so that Water Protector Legal Collective can best advocate and defend people arrested.

If you can donate to our open fund please do. All donations go to tools and resources for people who have been on the front lines.

Also if you want to support the work that WeCopwatch does. Please go to

You can donate to our travel fund, equipment fund, or our general fund. As you know we receive no formal funding and make everything happen from personal donations.

Thanks again, and keep an eye out for updates.